Kim Blake
Walt Blake


Kim, a graduate of Design has an intuitive sense of aesthetics, style and proportion. With a keen eye for architectural design along with an extensive background as a communication specialist, she brings the ability to enhance business and residential image. Kim has an unbridled passion for producing beautiful and pleasing environments.


Specializing in institutional and commercial interiors, projects range from medical centres to professional offices; mega church projects to residential environments.


Kim has experience working with design committees and has the ability to work skillfully in partnership with design, architectural and trade professionals. She creates bold and effective solutions to ensure that the message of an organization or residential environment is consistently evident in the image presented.


Walt has worked on many projects,  both residential and commercial, large and small. He has a great reputation for experience and customer service, offering superior workmanship and affordable quality.

Whether it is a family room, bathroom, kitchen, or addition, we will assist our customers through all decisions. From all design elements we help our clients make the final decision necessary to achieve their vision. 

 they are an artistic duo and have the desire to further nurture and pursue their creative                  passions that has led them to launch their most current creative endeavor, Stonewater Studio.


​Designing and producing unique one-of-a-kind striking pieces including indoor and outdoor lighting, fine art, wood décor and jewelry, they constantly look for new sources of inspiration and are continuously motivated by their surroundings in the Georgian Bay area and the beauty nature has to offer. With a great sense of proportion and style, along with Kim’s keen eye for design and artistic abilities, they are a powerhouse duo in the industry of Home Decor.


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